Why I’m Selling I Bonds & Buying Tips

I’m selling I-bonds & buying TIPS.

TIPS look better than I-Bond! Related video 👉 I bonds
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Earnings Yield

Rising interest rates may put a wall in front of stocks

Why rising interest rates are bad for stocks One of the most common methods for measuring the attractiveness of stocks is by comparing the earnings...
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Daily compounding vs monthly high yield savings

One of the key differences between high yield savings accounts is the frequency of compounding interest. Some compound daily, some monthly. In this video I...
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Fed Takes The Punch Bowl Away

The Fed takes the punch bowl away

THE PUNCH BOWL HAS BEEN REMOVED! Former Federal Reserve chair William McChesney Martin famously said the task of the Fed is, “to take away the...
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3 Easy Ways To Earn 5% On Your Cash In 2023

3 EASY ways to earn 5% on cash in 2023

Cash is king in 2023! Short-term interest rates are at the HIGHEST levels in 22 years. Yet, a recent study suggested nearly 70% of Americans...
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Minimize Tax Rate On Inherited Ira Withdrawals

Minimize taxes on INHERITED IRAs

Since the 2019 law change, if you inherit an IRA from someone who is not your spouse, in most cases, you’ll have 10 years to...
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Diesel Prices Send Recession Warning

Diesel prices send recession warning

Commodity prices often send signals about the direction of the economy. Diesel prices have fallen rapidly over the past six months. Many factors impact energy...
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