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Top Retirement & Tax Strategy for Graco Employees

Minneapolis based Graco has done well for both its employees and stockholders (the stock is up over 150X since 1990). People that have worked there...
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What’s $10,000 worth invested at 10% for 100 years? Mind blowing number!

I’ve been interested in studying the most successful investors in history since my early 20s. One striking thing is how many of these people attribute...
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2024 – Wisdom from Buffett’s letter to shareholders

2024-Buffett-letter-to-shareholdersDownload For decades, Warren Buffett has written an annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. They usually contain nuggets of wisdom. This year did not disappoint....
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30 Years Of Max Roth Contributions

What’s a Roth IRA worth after 30 years of max contributions?

The annual contribution limit for Roth IRAs is relatively small at $6,500 for people under age 50 in 2023. Some may understandably question whether it’s...
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RIP Charlie Munger – December 6, 2023

12.06.2023-RIP-Charlie-MungerDownload Charlie Munger passed away in late 2023. He had a significant influence on my approach to investing, business and life in general.
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Why I’m Selling I Bonds & Buying Tips

I’m selling I-bonds & buying TIPS.

TIPS look better than I-Bond! Related video 👉 I bonds
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Earnings Yield

Rising interest rates may put a wall in front of stocks

Why rising interest rates are bad for stocks One of the most common methods for measuring the attractiveness of stocks is by comparing the earnings...
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Fed Takes The Punch Bowl Away

The Fed takes the punch bowl away

THE PUNCH BOWL HAS BEEN REMOVED! Former Federal Reserve chair William McChesney Martin famously said the task of the Fed is, “to take away the...
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3 Easy Ways To Earn 5% On Your Cash In 2023

3 EASY ways to earn 5% on cash in 2023

Cash is king in 2023! Short-term interest rates are at the HIGHEST levels in 22 years. Yet, a recent study suggested nearly 70% of Americans...
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