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Mortgage rates – Worst in 20+years?

Mortgage rates have dramatically increased since 2021. Based on a very strong historical relationship, the 30-year fixed rate mortgage is about as poorly priced as...
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how to buy t bills

2023 – How to buy treasury bills on Fidelity

Short-term treasury bills (or bonds) are now yielding over 5%. This is the highest level in 15 years. In this video, I’ll walk you through...
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Social Security Card With Cash Money Dollar Bills 2022 11 14 11 02 38 Utc


Have you ever wondered how your Social Security benefit is calculated? Although the benefit formula is comprised of three basic steps, there are several adjustments...
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Medicare Overhead Flat Lay Of Senior Heart Health With Mone 2022 11 12 10 44 04 Utc

Medicare IRMAA Tax Trap – What it is and how to avoid it.

One of the most common tax traps in retirement is surcharges on Medicare premiums. This is more formally known as the income related monthly adjustment...
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United States Social Security Number Cards Lies On Application From Social Security Administration On Us Flag

Is Social Security Going Broke?

Of the many topics having to do with Social Security, without question, the hottest and probably least understood is the fiscal health of the program....
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