Social Security Timing Strategy

One of the most important retirement decisions is when to take Social Security. We consistently see people miss opportunities to maximize their benefits because there are so many factors to consider in this decision.
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When Should You Start Taking Social Security

At Norris Lake Retirement Planning, we’ll help to remove the guesswork of deciding when to start Social Security. Our advice will take into account the broader aspects of your situation. We consider many factors including:

  • Marital status (important in the consideration of maximizing survivor benefits)
  • Age-gap between spouses
  • Health concerns
  • Working past age-62
  • Taxation of Social Security
  • Breakeven analysis
  • Financial capacity to defer

Most importantly, we factor in the broader retirement plan to help you make the optimal election decision.

Social Security Reduction/Increase Based on Age

Social Security Table

Start Dialing In The Optimal Social Security Strategy

Our free 3-step retirement assessment gives you the opportunity to evaluate our services before making a commitment.
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