Retirement Planning for People 55+

Create Predictable Income – Minimize Taxes – Invest Intelligently
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What We Do

We provide tax efficient retirement planning and investment management. We help people position their investments to generate income they won’t outlive, avoid common retirement tax traps, and choose the optimal timing for Social Security and pensions.


Our focus is people 55+ that have accumulated $1 MILLION+ in retirement savings.

Why Us

At Norris Lake Retirement Planning we specialize in tax efficient retirement planning for people 55+. While most of the industry tries to be all things to all people…we don’t. We’ve chosen to focus on a narrow group of people who can benefit from our expertise most.
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We Are Independent

Our firm is not affiliated with any banks or insurance companies. We are in the business of providing advice, NOT selling financial products.
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We Are Credentialed

Our founder, Ted Erhart, holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and the industry gold standard CFP® - CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation.
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We Are a Fee-Only Fiduciary

Plain and simple, we do not charge commissions and as a fiduciary, we have a duty to put our client’s interests first.